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Xucker and Xucker Light

There are two very good alternatives to sugar: Xucker (xylitol) and Xucker Light (erythritol). Both have advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right sweetener depends on what you would like to use it for.

Xucker Light is the ideal sweetener for beverages. Xucker is best for sweetening food and baked goods, in addition to its well known role in dental care. Larger amounts of Xucker may cause flatulence and laxative effects, particularly when consumed in beverages. That’s why we recommend Xucker Light for drinks. For all other uses (excluding dental care), we recommend a 1:1 mixture of Xucker and Xucker Light. That way you benefit from the advantages of both sweeteners without suffering from the disadvantages. Because this mixture is only about 80-85% as sweet as sugar, you have to use somewhat more of it (approx. 20% more than Xucker alone or sugar).

Both Xucker and Xucker Light are ideal sweeteners for a low-carb diet, although they are pure carbohydrates. Low-carb diets are not about carbohydrates in general, but rather about the starches and sugars that your body can quickly metabolize and convert to blood sugar/glucose. There are many carbohydrates that are metabolized independently of insulin. They increase your blood sugar level only marginally, if at all. Xylitol and erythritol are two such sugars. Xylitol is mainly converted to triglycerides/fatty acids and hardly any glucose. Yet it has no negative effect on lipid metabolism or blood lipid levels. Erythritol is scarcely metabolized at all, so it is considered to be calorie-free.

Xucker Light is tooth-friendly because it doesn’t damage your teeth. Xylitol (Xucker) actually protects your teeth, so all dental chewing gums contain it. You can contribute to the remineralization of your teeth by rinsing with 3 - 4 g of xylitol after every meal (or using xylitol chewing gum or lozenges). Studies on the use of smaller amounts of xylitol (for example, 5x 1 gram daily) showed little or no protective effect.

Kariesschutz mit Xucker

We have outlined the most important information on a one-page flyer, which you can download here: Xucker Info Flyer.pdf

Xucker is registered as a trademark of Xucker GmbH in the German trademark index.

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