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Sweetening with Xucker

Guilt-Free Sweetness

With Xucker (xylitol) and Xucker Light (erythritol), you can finally enjoy sweetness without damaging your health. You should just use moderation in the first few days because excessive consumption can have a laxative effect. Unlike other sugar substitutes such as sorbitol, the body gets used to larger amounts of xylitol and erythritol after a few days. Even large amounts of xylitol and erythritol are harmless to children and adults.

Erythritol is the better choice for drinks because xylitol can cause flatulence when consumed in beverages. Infants under 12 months cannot optimally metabolize xylitol yet, so we don’t recommend feeding it to them. However, pregnant and breastfeeding women can consume xylitol without risk.

Xylitol contains approximately 40% fewer calories than normal sugar. If you were to replace the average daily amount of sugar consumed per person in Germany (approx. 70 g) with xylitol, you’d save about 168 kcal. That’s not enough for an effective weight-loss diet, but it would certainly help. Erythritol contains virtually no calories (20 kcal/100 g) and is therefore a highly suitable diet sweetener.

Xucker is ideal for cooking, baking, and desserts

Drinks in particular promote cavities when they are sweetened with sugar. On the other hand, beverages sweetened with xylitol protect your teeth. The effect is optimal when combined with calcium-rich dairy products because calcium and xylitol together form complexes that promote the remineralization of your teeth and bones.

If you consume a lot of sweetened drinks, Xucker Light is the better choice. It doesn’t cause flatulence, which can be a side-effect of larger amounts of xylitol-sweetened drinks.

When baking , you can substitute Xucker for sugar in equal measure. You can also easily combine sugar with Xucker or Xucker Light in varying ratios. When making whole-grain yeast dough, you can add a teaspoon of sugar to the dough per 500 g flour to facilitate the fermentation – yeast cannot metabolize Xucker.

Xucker Light is suitable for making cheesecake, but not for regular cake batter or shortcrust – unless you mix it 1:1 with Xucker. Otherwise Xucker Light crystallizes during cooling, resulting in a crunchy texture. For the same reason, only xylitol is suitable for making fruit preserves.

Preserves with Xucker Xylitol

You can make your own delicious fruit spreads. The important thing is to use a suitable gelling agent, for example low-esterified pectin. The simplest way is to use our pre-mixed Gelling Xucker. Then all you need is fruit and jars. The jars and especially the lids must be thoroughly cleaned first, preferably boiled. That way you can safely prevent mold from growing. Our Gelling Xucker contains no preservatives, but if you work hygienically, the preserves will easily keep for 2 years.

Also delicious in ice cream, chocolate, candy, and chewing gum

Most chewing gums already contain xylitol instead of sugar. This is where the protective effect of dental chewing gums comes from. You can reduce the risk of cavities by chewing xylitol gum several times a day. However, this gum is often extremely expensive considering the amount of xylitol contained (more than 100 euros per kilo of xylitol). We offer affordable xylitol gum: Xucker Xummi.

Xylitol-sweetened chocolate is also available at reasonable prices, and our selection is always growing. Just look under the category Food Products > Chocolate.

If you like to make your own ice cream, Xucker and Xucker Light are great sugar substitutes that allow for guilt-free indulgence. It works particularly well when you mix (frozen) fruit with cream, yogurt, and the desired amount of Xucker/Xucker Light, and then keep the ice cream moving as it freezes as usual. Excellent chocolate ice cream can also be made using Xucker. When using erythritol, you need an ice cream maker with a very cold temperature setting, otherwise the ice cream will remain quite soft.


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