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Erythritol Production


The Secret Weapon among Sugar Alternatives: Erythritol

The tooth-friendly sweetener erythritol is 100% naturally pure, has zero calories, and is suitable for diabetics. Because it is easily digestible, erythritol has none of the side-effects of common sugar substitutes, making it a real alternative to unhealthy household sugar.

Comparison Table

  Relative sweetness compared to household sugar Glycemic Index (GI) Energy per gram (kJ)
Erythritol 0.7 0 0.0
Fructose 1.14 20 16.8
Stevia 450 0 0.8
Xylitol 1 13 10.5

Erythritol through Fermentation

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol, produced by the fermentation of glucose. In nature, it is found in some types of fruit (e.g. watermelon, pears, grapes), mushrooms, fermented products (soy sauce, rice wine, beer), and cheese. Erythritol is produced through fermentation: A yeast culture metabolizes the glucose to erythritol. In the end, the substance is purified, crystallized, and dried, giving it the appearance of normal household sugar. Its production is similar to the fermentation processes used in the production of wine and beer.

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